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Grey Hayward Return/Jet Casing

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White Hayward Return/Jet Casing

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100′ Backwash Hose 1.5″ & Clamp

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Yellow Winter Return Plug

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Skimmer Gizmo

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Algaecide Prevent 40% (1L)


40% Quat Algaecide Effective in preventing the growth of all types of algae. Economical, works with all types of filters. Could temporarily cause foam on water surface if overdosed or agitated by water features such as waterfalls.

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Opening/closing kit


<p class=’mb-4′>Quick and Easy Kit to Restore your Water at Pool Start-up. Each kit Contains (1) Ultra 40 Algaecide, (2) Oxy Clear Shock 454g’s, (1) Stain Protect 1L.</p> <p class=’mb-4′><strong>Ultra 40</strong> is an Non-Foaming, non-metallic algaecide for swimming pools. Specifically designed to prevent the growth of algae. Should be part of your regular maintenance program…

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EZ pucks (6kg)


200 g Trichlor Tablets with Zinc Stabilized chlorine square tablets with the power of Zinc. Zinc improves the performance of the sanitizer and the water quality. Zinc will not harm bathers or equipment. Slow dissolving tablets. Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water.

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Multi Shock (454g)


Blended Dichlor Shock Super oxidizing and clarifying power. Helps eliminate unpleasant odours and eye irritation. Helps your sanitizer work more efficiently. Kills germs, destroys algae and other contaminants.

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Ultra-Puck Chlorine (6kg)


3” Trichlor Tablets 3” Individually wrapped stabilized chlorinating tablets. Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water.

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Calcium Plus (4kg)


Calcium Chloride Addition of this product will help protect plumbing, equipment and pools surface. Helps prevent staining with proper use. Proper calcium levels are a key component to water balance.

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Cell Cleaner (1L)


CELL CLEANER is formulated for cleaning salt chlorine generator cell without causing any harm to the cell plates. CELL CLEANER is used by a soaking process and will restore conductivity and efficiency by eliminating scale build-up Phosphate Free Salt Generator Cell Cleaner. Use as Needed or Once in the Spring and Once in the Fall.

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