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A bottle of regal ultra 4 0 cleaner

Algaecide Ultra 40 (1L)


40% Poly Algaecide Non-foaming, non-metallic 40% strength algaecide for swimming pools. Specifically designed to prevent the growth of algae. Should be part of a regular maintenance program to prevent algae. Ideal for pools with attached spas.

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A white bucket of regal alka plus

Alka Plus (8kg)


Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate When added as needed, helps keep your pH at a proper level, a key to pool water comfort. Use as required to help improve sanitizer efficiency.

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A large bottle of regal stabilizer.

Stabilizer (1.8kg)


100% Cyanuric Acid Prevents loss of chlorine to the sun’s UV rays for optimum sanitization. Dissolves completely and leaves no residue. Available in various sizes. Available in various sizes.

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Regal stain protect 1 l

Stain Protect (1L)


STAIN PROTECT contains active ingredients that are 66% naturally derived. The STAIN PROTECT base conditioner in actives and precipitates minerals and metals in pool water. Used on a regular basis, STAIN PROTECT also prevents corrosion of the pool equipment. In addition, STAIN PROTECT eliminates and prevents scale build-up on pool surfaces. Safe, bathing can resume…

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A tub of regal salt is shown.

Salt Start (5kg)


SALT START is designed to support salt chlorine generation and is to be used once in the spring after the pool opening. Its innovating formula will improve bather comfort, protect the salt cell and will delay corrosion. SALT START combined with a salt generator enhances efficiency and water quality. It is a balanced pH formula…

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Regal glass cleaner 1 l

Phosphate Out (1L)


Safely removes phosphates from swimming pool and spa water. Its natural formula is safe for bathers and for the environment. Phosphates are essential nutrients for algae and can enter the water from rain, fertilizer, sunscreen and others. One bottle of PHOS OUT 3000 will remove up to 3,000 ppb of phosphates in 80,000 L of…

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A bottle of regal cloth cleaner

Pool Filter Cleaner (1L)


FILTER CLEANER removes dirt, scale, rust, body oils and cosmetic residues accumulated in pool sand or cartridge filters. Used on a regular basis, FILTER CLEANER will increase the filtration performances and the life expectancy of the cartridge or sand. Concentrated “Green” Certified Sand and Cartridge Cleaner.

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A bottle of regal pit rescue

PH Minus (3kg)


Sodium Bisulfate Addition of this product used for lowering pH in the pool water & help prevent conditions conducive to cloudy water and reduce sanitizer effectiveness. Dissolves completely. Easier to use and store than muriatic acid.

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A bottle of regal pet food

PH Plus (2kg)


Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) Addition of this product used for increasing pH in pool water and help prevent corrosion of plumbing, equipment and protect your pools surface. Use as required to help improve sanitizer efficiency.

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A bag of regal dry cleaning powder

Oxy Shock (454g)


Non-Chlorine Shock/Oxidizer OXY CLEAR SHOCK performs effectively as a shock treatment in reducing organic contamination of swimming pool water. Eliminates chlorine smell and reduces skin and eye irritation. This oxidizing and reactivating treatment restores pool water clearness and ensures longer lasting chlorine power. Ideal as initial treatment at the start of the season followed by…

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A bottle of regal cleaner is shown.

Vinyl Liner Cleaner


SUPER CLEANER PLUS is a biodegradable cleaner that instantly dissolves all kinds of grease, dirt and marks on your pool’s surfaces. SUPER CLEANER PLUS cleaning power and quick action makes it easy to use and very effective. SUPER CLEANER PLUS may also be used on garden furniture, resin coated support, pool walls, vinyl-coated metal parts,…

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Regal super clean pads

Super Clear Plus (1L)


SUPER CLEAR PLUS enhances the effectiveness of the filtering system by coagulating microscopic particles to larger masses. The solids thus formed are deposited at the bottom of the pool or are captured by the filtration system. SUPER CLEAR PLUS is not affected by chlorine, does not contain alum and is efficient in any pH condition…

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