Pool Closings

Pool Closings

2023 Fall Pool Closing Packages From Only $255.00

Closings Available Until Nov 3rd 2023

Our pool closing services are exclusively for pools installed by Pool Builders Ltd. 


  • Removal of all summer pool fixtures
  • Blow out all water lines, water fixtures, and pool equipment
  • Fill all applicable lines with antifreeze
  • Install all winter plugs and Gizmo(s)
  • Winterize all pool equipment (heaters, salt systems included)
  • Remove the ladder (if applicable)
  • Winterize pool lights (if applicable)
  • Add closing chemical kit (starter kit includes: 1 kg of shock, 1 l of sequestering agent, and 1 l of 40% algae side)

Additional Services You Can Add On:

Safety cover Install +$ (Custom made, self-draining, anchored to pool deck mesh cover)

  • Raise all anchors to the proper height
  • Unfold and place the cover over the pool
  • Ensure proper tension on all springs and straps

Close Spill-Over Spas or Solar +$

  • Remove all summer fixtures and plugs
  • Blow out all water lines and systems
  • Fill applicable lines with antifreeze
  • Install all applicable winter plugs

New Winter plug +$

  • Standard 1.5-inch or 2-inch winter plug (comes with 2)

New Gizmo +$

  • Standard 1.5inch or 2-inch Gizmo

Salt System Maintenance +$

  • Disconnect the salt system from pool plumbing
  • Clean internal components with a cell cleaning solution (included)
  • Rinse and reconnect the salt system to pool plumbing

Add Additional winterization chemical kit for larger pools +$

  • 1 kg of shock, 1 l of sequestering agent, and 1 l of 40% algae side

Cartridges for Clean & Clear Plus Filters +$

  • Size 320 Cartridges (set of 4)
  • Size 420 Cartridges (set of 4)
  • Size 520 Cartridges (set of 4)

Filter cartridges typically need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years

Disconnect Fastlane Swim Jet +$

  • Detach from the pool wall and unsubmerged swim jet
  • Disconnect hydraulic lines

Close Stand-Alone In-Ground Hot Tub +$

  • Removal of all summer hot tub fixtures
  • Blow out all water lines, water fixtures, and hot tub equipment
  • Fill all applicable lines with antifreeze
  • Install all winter plugs and Gizmo(s)
  • Winterize all hot tub equipment (pump, heaters, sanitizing systems included)
  • Winterize hot tub lights if applicable

When To Close Your Pool:

In order to avoid any damage to your pool, you must have it properly winterized before freezing weather hits. If, for any reason, you have not had your pool winterized before freezing weather, it is imperative that you keep your pump on, and water circulating in all lines and systems, to avoid any freezing.

On the flip side, closing your pool prematurely, can cause serious algae to build up. This can cause a messy opening next spring. Algae grow best in warm, stagnant water.

It is best to close your pool when the daily weather high is consistently below 15°C and the daily low above 5°C (usually late September to mid-late October)

Days That We Will Be Closing Pools in Your Area:

Mondays: Stittsville

Tuesdays: Barrhaven / Manotick / Stittsville

Wednesdays: Nepean / Westboro / Ottawa Centre / Riverside South / Greely / Orleans / Stittsville

Thursdays: Kanata South / Richmond / North Gower / Kemptville / Stittsville

Fridays: Kanata North / West Carleton / Carleton Place / Almonte / Ashton / Arnprior / Renfrew / Carp / Stittsville

What You Need To Know and Do Before Your Pool Closing:

Winter Plugs and Gizmos:
Prior to your pool opening, please have all necessary pool winter plugs and Gizmo(s) accessible to our technician. Any missing plugs or Gizmo(s) will be provided at an extra cost.


If you have a cartridge filter, our technician will remove the internal cartridges and place them near the equipment pad. You need to store these in a clean and dry place over the winter. You will need to clean these cartridges before your pool opens next spring.


Pool Covers:
If receiving the safety cover install add-on, please place your cover near the pool so it is accessible to our technician.

Water Level:
Please ensure that your water level is drained to the proper winterization height, before your scheduled Pool Closing day.

If the water is not drained to the proper height when our technician arrives, you may be subject to a rebooking fee. For any questions in regards to how to lower your water to the proper height, please view our how-to video.



No need to be home:
Please ensure that the pool and pool equipment are completely accessible for our technician and that there is a working outdoor power outlet.